Submit Your Film

Once you have provided basic information about your film, you can submit for review. In order to submit your film, you will go through the following steps. Note that all information can continue to be modified after submission.

To submit your film:
  • Click the My Account menu in the upper right.
  • Click the My Films menu item.
  • Click Submit New Film.
Step 1 – Legal Review

You will need to review and agree to the Film Bureau, Inc. legal terms.

Step 2 – Film Details & Payment

You will enter information about your film and submit payment.

  • Name – This can be the final title or a working title.
  • Prefix
  • Synopsis
  • Representative Image – For details, please see the Art Assets section. If you don’t have an image yet, the system will add a placeholder image for you.
  • Estimated Release Date – This can be when you expect to have the film completed. We will work with you to find the best date to release your film.
  • Festivals – Note any festivals (past, present, future) for this film.
  • Distribution Model – Select the distribution model you are most likely interested in utilizing.

    When you have completed the above information, complete the payment details and submit your film. Upon success, you can now upload your screener.

Step 3 – Upload Screener

You can review your film details and update if required. There is also an additional field to complete.

  • Screener File Name – Note the name of your screener video file you will be uploading.

To upload your screener, you will use the Verizon Digital Media upLynk Slicer app. For further details on the upLynk app, video specs, etc., please refer to the Screener section.

After you have downloaded and installed the app, click to Login to the Slicer app. Once logged in, drag and drop your video file. Once the file has completed upload and the page complete, click Submit. We try to respond within 5 business days.


  • Why do you charge me to submit a film to Film Bureau?

    The submission fee covers a number of upfront costs in exchange for Film Bureau taking aless than standard portion of the box office gross. Film Bureau does not charge any other fees for theatrical distribution.

  • What if you don’t accept my film?

    If it is determined that your film does not meet our criteria, you will receive a partial refund based on what stage we are at in the process. A breakdown of the refund percentages is as follows:

    • Pass on your film after screening it – 90% of your Submission Fee will be refunded.
    • Pass on your film during the legal process – 50% of your Submission Fee will be refunded.
    Refunds will be processed within 10 business days and return payment.
  • Are discounts available?

    If you are submitting your film to us and are associated with one of our Partners, discounts may be available for your submission fee. Please confirm your discount with the Partner or us prior to submission as refunds will not be offered once you have completed the payment process. If you have a discount code, you may proceed with payment.

    Please note that unauthorized use of codes will result in your film being rejected and a partial refund being offered once you have completed the payment process. If you have a discount code, you may proceed with payment.

  • How do I obtain a Partner code?

    Partner codes area available through partner film festivals. If your film has been accepted to one of these partner film festivals, you can obtain your code directly through them or by contacting us via the CONTACT US page.

  • Can I pay by a method other than credit card or PayPal?

    We accept payment via check or wire transfer. Please contact us directly through the CONTACT US page for further details.