For security reasons, screeners are not uploaded directly into the Film Bureau platform but are instead uploaded into the Verizon Digital Media upLynk Video Streaming service. The upLynk service provides secure streaming of content for review by Film Bureau, approved Film Buyers and Film Reviewers.

How do I add my screener?

You can upload content by using the upLynk Slicer app, a small program that runs outside your browser. It’s easy, secure, and prepares your content faster than traditional methods. The upLynk Slicer makes use of the excellent open source FFmpeg library from

  • Mac Download
  • Windows Download
  • Linux Download

After you have downloaded the upLynk Slicer app, click here to login. There will be no parameters for you to set. Those are determined based on login.

In order to upload your screener, drag and drop the screener file onto the Slicer app. It will automatically begin to prepare and upload your file.

upLynk File Formats

Most video file formats work reliably. Many customers use h.264/AAC MP4 files for VOD input to the slicer, but this is not required. We recommend that you not reprocess your content just to prepare it for the slicer - just pass it to the slicer in whatever format it is already in.

In general, higher resolution and a higher source bitrate produces higher quality output. However, the law of diminishing returns applies and bitrates above 25-30Mbps tend to slow down slicing time without producing any noticeable improvement in output quality.


Many video formats are suitable input to the slicer, for example: mov, mpeg/mpg, avi, m4v, mkv.

These are only the most common formats used; other formats are also usable. You can test your files for upLynk compatibility simply by attempting to slice them, and the slicer will produce an error message before encoding or uploading if it finds the file is incompatible.

We recommend the following minimums:
  • Resolution: 1280x720 (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Bitrate: 30Mbps
  • Keyframes: 2 seconds or less
  • Frame rate: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, and 30 frames per second (FPS).

Unflattened reference files are not supported.

While upLynk makes great efforts to support the widest variety of formats, it cannot guarantee support for all formats.