Social Responsibility

We believe in the impact that storytellers can have on the world. For too long, the process of delivering content from a wide range of storytellers has been limited by the traditional structure of Hollywood. As we set out to not only improve the processes and workflows for an industry, the same efficiencies we provide to studios can empower filmmakers, that normally do not have a chance to get their films seen, an opportunity to share their art. Creating opportunities for these storytellers regardless of race, religion, gender or orientation is something we not only believe but it is imperative to the art of cinema.

Diversity & Inclusion

More diverse voices, from diverse backgrounds, provide a richer and better experience for audiences worldwide. Film Bureau believes it is imperative that underrepresented groups within the filmmaking community are assured equal opportunity for success. Ensuring filmmakers of diverse backgrounds, a real opportunity to have their work reach audiences, Film Bureau has created a distribution methodology and service solutions that are not financially restrictive and break down barriers that directly connect storytellers with exhibitors and streaming platforms. In the spirit of independent film making we make it our mission that those voices have the opportunity to tell their stories.