Edit Your Film

Once your film has been created in the system, you can now edit.

Edit Your Film
  • Click the My Account menu in the upper right.
  • Click the My Films menu item.

This will take you to a page listing your films. To edit a film, click the name of the film.

You are now in the edit area of the film. A film is broken into several tabs. You can switch tabs by clicking on the tab heading. Important: Be sure to click Save before switching tabs.

Detail Tab

This tab is for general information about the title such as name, synopsis, cast, director, etc. Some important things to note.

  • Prefix would be A, An, The. Place that here to ensure the system properly sorts your title.
  • For the Category listing, select what best describes your title. Note that if your film has been released in the US in any way (theatrical, cable, DVD, streaming), it should be noted as a Library title.
  • In the Synopsis box, enter up to a 600-character description of your film. Remember to be concise and engaging. This is the first overview of your film.
  • Upload a representative image. This should be a one-sheet-type image. For information about image file formats, see Image Assets.
  • Upload a representative video. This should be a trailer for your film. For information about video file formats, see Video Assets.
  • In the Genre box, select at least one genre to describe your film.

What are genres?

Genres help Film Buyers understand the type of film they can expect. We also use them in filtering of content. We recommend you choose between one and four genres.

Technical Tab

This tab is for technical information about the title such as the print type you will be distributing, how you will be delivering, how the film was shot, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have answers for some / all of these items. We will work with you to find the best way to distribute your film.

Filmmaker Tab

This tab is for recording details such as the Deal Terms, Legal Information, Tax Interview, Banking details, and Financial Transactions. Further details about the Tax Interview and Banking Information can be found in Financial Information.

Distribution Plan Tab

If you have opted for the higher distribution level, this tab will be enabled on your film. This tab allows you to target specific theater locations for request from the Film Buyers. You can select individually or choose from pre-built distribution plans. Further, when your film becomes available for booking, the system will automatically email the relevant Film Buyers about your film.

If you have further questions about this function, you can reach us via the CONTACT US page.

Marketing/Social Tab

This tab is for marketing and social media information such as official web site link, festival information, reviews, any planned events and social media links. Some important things to note.

  • For the Official Website, please post the complete URL.
  • For Festivals, Reviews and Planned Events, there is a rich text editor that will allow you to format the text, add links, etc.
  • For the Social Media links, you only need to enter the URL and what the link covers. We recommend you group links together for common things such as the film, actors, director, etc. The system will automatically append the appropriate icon.
Assets Tab

This tab allows you to upload assets for your title. They are broken down into three categories: Documents, Images and Trailers. To upload a new asset, select the asset Type, name the asset, provide any metadata information and select the file to upload. Once the file has completed uploading, click to Save.

For further information on asset types, please see our Assets Guide section.