Assets Guide

This section provides you with guidelines and specifications for title assets submitted to Film Bureau. These guidelines are provided as general guidance. Film Bureau, Inc. reserves the right to reject assets for any reason.


Images that are deemed pornographic, incite violence, promote hate speech or are deemed as propaganda should be avoided. Additionally, please note the following:

  • Avoid art and video assets in which a weapon is pointing at the viewer or other figures within the image.
  • Avoid art and video assets which are excessively gruesome.
  • Avoid art and video assets which depict drug use, alcohol, nudity or are sexually explicit.

If alternate assets are not available, please use discretion when selecting. It is important to realize that Exhibitors tend to be conservative when selecting assets for display (art and trailer). If these are considered too extreme, this may limit Exhibitor interest.

Legal Terms

By uploading assets to, you are confirming to Film Bureau, Inc. that you own any and all rights to said assets. Further, you are indemnifying Film Bureau, Inc. from any and all legal action brought about by the improper use of said assets.