FILM BUREAU is a next generation independent film distribution company whose mission is to forge a new approach to theatrical distribution and beyond.

We offer a direct path between Filmmakers and Exhibitors, while providing both sides the opportunity to retain a more direct relationship with the films, Filmmakers and Exhibition.

The company is led and advised by accomplished industry veterans, including Filmmakers, distribution and exhibition executives and individuals from the technology and finance worlds. With the strength of our leadership team, we have developed a new approach on getting content from the Filmmaker to the audience.

What We Do For Filmmakers

FILM BUREAU offers Filmmakers several different options to distribute your film.  The type of distribution model we follow is up to you.

  • Standard: Your film appears in our catalog, fully searchable and available to all Film Buyers in the United States. These Film Buyers can search for and contract your film directly through our platform (based on the deal terms you provide). To increase awareness of your film and improve the number of bookings, we will provide some basic marketing to these Film Buyers. This is the approach most Filmmakers choose. Under this model, we will take 8% of the Box Office Gross.
  • Distribution Plus: For those special films, we actively engage with Film Buyers for the exhibitors in the United States in an effort to book your film. This option also includes all services listed as part of Library Distribution. Note that this is not a service we agree to provide for every film. Under this model, we will take 11% of the Box Office Gross.
  • Premier: For established Filmmakers who have achieved a career box office total of +$100 million, we offer direct use of our platform with either your own distribution team, our distribution team or a combination thereof.  For Filmmakers interested in this approach, please contact us directly via the Contact Us page.
What We Do For Film Buyers

At FILM BUREAU we don’t want to just sell you a film, we want to sell you the right film.  Our platform provides Film Buyers the ability to search our catalog of films based on a range of criteria that are meaningful for your theater locations, review contract terms, view a screener and close your booking contract with just a few clicks.